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Hey Y’all

I'm Jill.  I was born in Texas, but have called New Orleans home since I graduated from LSU 25 years ago. My love for photography started when I was around 4 with my dad.  I finally decided to pursue my passion in 2010 and taught myself everything I could about photography.  I keep myself busy being a mom to my 15 year old son Nathan, who is the center of my universe. I adore all things preppy, traveling the world, photography, coffee, beautiful light, outdoor cafes, and documenting precious moments.

My Story

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Top 10

• My Family

• Traveling the World

• Anything Preppy

• J Crew

• Coffee

• Breathtaking Landscapes

• Navy Blue and White

• Music

• Outdoor Cafes

• Beautiful Light
*I grew up with a camera in hand

*I'm very nostaglic and sentimental

*I wanted to be a country singer when I grew up

*I dance and sing at the top of my lungs around the house, when no one is watching

*I've lived in 14 states, and I wouldn't change a minute of it

*If drinking 3 venti coffees a day is bad......I don't wanna be right
* My son makes me the proudest mom

*I detest being inside, being outdoors feeds my soul and give me peace

*Exploring & getting lost on vacation is the best feeling ever, no tour bus for this girl

*I still wear locoste polos with my collar popped like when I was growing up

*My favorite childhood memory is driving in the jeep wagoneer with my parents sinigng to Willie, Waylon, Neil, and Abba

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